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International Logistics Distribution

In order to protect their own interests andreduce international trade disputes, Chinese importers are more and moreinclined to use EXW or FOB terms in international trade. With insight into theneeds, Bangyang provides customers with door-to-door service which picks up ofgoods from abroad, importing by international freight and logisticsdistributing in domestic.

International shipping

International shipping is the mostimportant mode of transportation in international trade. More than two-thirdsof the total volume of international trade as well as the vast majority ofChina's import and export of goods are transported by sea. It has the followingobvious advantages:

1、 The great ability to pass. Ocean transportation can takeadvantage of the natural navigation routes that are accessible from alldirections. Unlike trains and cars, which are restricted by tracks and roads,ocean transportation has a great ability to pass through.

2、The big capacity: The transport capacity of oceantransport vessels is far greater than that of railway transport vehicles. Thecarrying capacity of a ship of ten thousand tons is normally equivalent to thatof 250 to 300 wagon.

3、The low freight: According to the point of view ofscale economy, because of the large volume and long distance, share the cost oftransportation per ton is less, so the freight rate is relatively low.

Although ocean transportation has the aboveadvantages, it also has some disadvantages. For example, ocean transport isgreatly affected by climate and natural conditions, and the sailing time isdifficult to be measured. The speed of ocean transport is also relatively low.

There are several types of containers:

International air transport

International air transport has won aconsiderable market for its rapid, safe and timely efficiency, which greatlyshortened the delivery time with the characteristics of fast and mobile. Internationalair transport is an indispensable means in the international trade for valuables,fresh goods and precision instruments transport.

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